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Long-Term Care Insurance 

It might be hard to imagine now, but chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life. The big question is: How will you pay for it?

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Nursing home care
In-home care & Nursing
Adult day care
Modifications to house
Major diseases coverage

Nursing home care coverage

Risk Factors

Some policies only cover nursing home care. It doesn’t cover assisted living facilities, which is important since this type of care is rapidly expanding.


Long-Term Care insurance should be considered to cover these expenses.

In-home care & nursing coverage

Risk Factors

You may end up paying for in-home care, including nursing care and physical therapies.


Many long-term care policies also cover in-home care, including nursing care, physical therapy and medical equipment.

Adult day care coverage

Risk Factors

You may have to pay them for their services from your pocket if you hire a caregiver.


Policies may cover community care, which usually means adult day care, so you don’t need to pay them all by yourself.

Modifications to house coverage

Risk Factors

You may need to build a wheelchair ramp for one of your family members because of their medical conditions.


Some policies may even pay benefits to family members who act as caregivers or cover home modifications, such as adding wheelchair ramps or installing safety devices.

Major diseases coverage

Risk Factors

A family member may be affected by a major disease and need continuous care, which may cost you money every single day.


Most policies cover care related to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, but there are exceptions. Because this is a common condition, double-check that it’s included in your loved one’s policy.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Buying long-term care insurance is one way to prepare. Long-term care refers to a host of services that aren’t covered by regular health insurance. This includes assistance with routine daily activities, like bathing, dressing, or getting in and out of bed.

A long-term care insurance policy helps cover the costs of that care when you have a chronic medical condition, a disability, or a disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, most policies will reimburse you for the care given in a variety of places, such as:
  • Your home.
  • A nursing home.
  • An assisted living facility.
  • An adult day care center.

What are the types of Long-Term Care Insurance?

Facility-only: This type of insurance covers care provided in a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home.

Home care-only: This type of insurance covers care provided in the policyholder's home by a professional caregiver.

Comprehensive: This type of insurance covers care provided in both a facility and at home.

Group: Group long-term care insurance is purchased through an employer or other organization, and may be available at a lower cost than an individual policy.

Why is Long-Term Care Insurance important?

Long-term care insurance is important because it helps cover the cost of care for people who need assistance with activities of daily living. In addition, it can provide financial security and protect assets for the policyholder and their loved ones, as long-term care costs can quickly deplete savings. Long-term care insurance can also ensure that the policyholder receives the type and quality of care they prefer and provide peace of mind.

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If you cancel a previous policy before a new policy is effective, you could run into some serious financial problems.

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